LaPrairie Works Services

Road & Bridge Maintenance

LaPrairie Works maintains all types of public and private roads and bridges year-round, from major highways to oil and gas service roads. Our services encompass:

Service List

  • asphalt patching
  • crack sealing
  • culvert lining and grouting
  • grading
  • granular base course
  • gravel haul
  • guardrails and guide posts
  • ice road construction
  • line painting
  • mowing
  • road inspections
  • sanding
  • sign installation
  • snow and ice control
  • spray patch
  • traffic control
  • vegetation control

Road Construction

LaPrairie Works has expertise in building a wide variety of road types

Service List

  • primary and secondary highways
  • oil and gas service roads
  • ice roads and bridges
  • mine access roads
  • forestry roads


LaPrairie Works is experienced in large and small scale earthworks projects, including:

Service List

  • culvert installations
  • erosion control structures
  • industrial site construction
  • muskeg removal
  • oil and gas site construction
  • public infrastructure construction
  • right-of-way construction and maintenance
  • site preparation and development
  • water course and environmental management


LaPrairie Works offers complete contract mining services from the initial planning phase to mining operations and reclamation.

Mine Site Services

  • facility earthworks
  • fleet repair and maintenance
  • leach pad construction
  • ore haul
  • mine reclamation
  • site access roads
  • site closure
  • site development
  • tailings pond construction

Mining Operations

  • contract mining
  • crushing and mill operations
  • overburden removal
  • pre-stripping


LaPrairie Works specializes in hauling bulk commodities to remote continuous operations. We also haul bulk ore, gravel and rock. Our trucking fleet consists of tractors with a variety of trailer configurations including truck and pup, belly dump, end dump and Super B bottom dump.