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LaPrairie Works Services

Road & Bridge Maintenance

LaPrairie Works maintains all types of public and private roads and bridges year-round, from major highways to oil and gas service roads. Our services encompass:

Service List

  • asphalt patching
  • crack sealing
  • culvert lining and grouting
  • grading
  • granular base course
  • gravel haul
  • guardrails and guide posts
  • ice road construction
  • line painting
  • mowing
  • road inspections
  • sanding
  • sign installation
  • snow and ice control
  • spray patch
  • traffic control
  • vegetation control

Road Construction

LaPrairie Works has expertise in building a wide variety of road types

Service List

  • primary and secondary highways
  • oil and gas service roads
  • ice roads and bridges
  • mine access roads
  • forestry roads


LaPrairie Works is experienced in large and small scale earthworks projects, including:

Service List

  • culvert installations
  • erosion control structures
  • industrial site construction
  • muskeg removal
  • oil and gas site construction
  • public infrastructure construction
  • right-of-way construction and maintenance
  • site preparation and development
  • water course and environmental management


LaPrairie Works offers complete contract mining services from the initial planning phase to mining operations and reclamation.

Mine Site Services

  • facility earthworks
  • fleet repair and maintenance
  • leach pad construction
  • ore haul
  • mine reclamation
  • site access roads
  • site closure
  • site development
  • tailings pond construction

Mining Operations

  • contract mining
  • crushing and mill operations
  • overburden removal
  • pre-stripping


LaPrairie Works specializes in hauling bulk commodities to remote continuous operations. We also haul bulk ore, gravel and rock. Our trucking fleet consists of tractors with a variety of trailer configurations including truck and pup, belly dump, end dump and Super B bottom dump.

Road Construction and Bridge Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of road construction?

Regular highway maintenance is an important aspect of good road construction and management, and highway construction projects need to be carefully planned to ensure the correct materials are being used. Common types of road and highway construction projects include concrete roads, asphalt roads, and aggregate roads. The type of road surface that’s best suited will depend on the specific requirements for the road construction project.


What is a road construction project?

A road construction project involves all of the different aspects of building and maintaining a new road. As such, most road construction projects require excavation services and mining services, earthworks construction, highway maintenance work, and more. Different road construction projects will use different building materials to create the road; for example, concrete is the most commonly used road maintenance and construction material.


What is the purpose of road construction?

The purpose of road construction projects is to create a new road that can provide superior connectivity to different destinations. Road and highway construction projects are usually undertaken for major routes that need expansion or a new route added in to make connections easier. During road construction, numerous tasks will be completed including earthwork services, mining operations, and road building.


How do you maintain a bridge?

Regular bridge repair and maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping a bridge in good working order. Indeed, while bridges are built to last as much as possible, occasionally, bridges may need repair and maintenance support. Bridge maintenance work should be carried out on a preventative basis to ensure that issues don’t develop into more significant and more dangerous faults.


How often do bridges need to be replaced?

Bridges need regular bridge repair and maintenance support to ensure that they are strong and durable. Indeed, bridges should always be given regular bridge maintenance support to make sure that issues don’t develop into dangerous complications. However, eventually, most bridges will need to be replaced; there is no specific time for this, and this will instead depend on when bridge repair is no longer viable.


How does a mining company work?

Mining operations are pivotal aspects of modern life, providing a great deal of resources that are integral to the smooth running of society. As part of this, mining companies are crucial players, providing mining services creating mine site construction services to harness the resources available within the Earth’s crust. Mining operations work to extract precious minerals and useful resources, including silicon dioxide in the form of quartz.


What are the 4 types of mining?

There are four primary types of mining operations that you should be aware of. These four mining operations and mining services include underground mining, which are the most expensive but which reach deeper mineral deposits; open surface pit mining; placer mining; and in-situ mining. The specific type of mining carried out at a site will depend on the mine site construction services that were ordered and the mine’s specialty.