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LaPrairie Rock Services


Over 35 years experience in the resource and materials engineering field.

LaPrairie Rock brings many years of experience and professional knowledge in engineering, manufacturing and distributing aggregate resources. Whether it be starting a new crushing and washing operation or product management and quality control at an existing site, LaPrairie Rock’s diverse range of services encompass the entire aggregate and resource industry spectrum.

Service List

  • Aggregate Exploration
  • Aggregate Permitting
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Quality Management & Testing
  • Resource Management
  • Crushing / Washing
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Bonding

Aggregate Services Frequently Asked Questions

What are aggregate services?

Aggregate services play a crucial role in many building and commercial applications. Indeed, aggregate companies work to mine and provide premium-quality aggregate products at affordable prices. Aggregate services help these companies create the facilities they need to provide top-quality services. These services can include numerous options including aggregate exploration and permitting, materials engineering, quality management and testing, crushing and washing facilities, and more.


What can aggregate be used for?

Generally speaking, aggregate materials are used in commercial applications for mixing with materials such as cement to create a strong material that is ideal for use in many applications. Depending on the size, shape, etc of the aggregate that is chosen, the final consistency of the concrete will be altered. The aggregate type can also vary the shrinkage nature of the concrete that’s created.


What is an aggregate supplier?

Aggregates are coarse materials that are widely used in construction applications, including concrete and the like. Many different aggregates exist including crushed concrete, crushed stone and rock, sand, and more. Aggregate suppliers provide individuals and companies with these aggregate materials for use in construction projects and the like. Aggregate suppliers commonly also provide advice and guidance on the best type of aggregates to use.


What is the difference between gravel and aggregate?

Gravel is widely considered to be a type of aggregate material and can hence be used in a wide variety of commercial applications and building projects; in fact, gravel is one of the most widely used materials for use with road building globally. Gravel consists of a collection of small rock fragments, with the type of gravel being determined based on the size of the fragments and the overall coarseness or fineness of the gravel mix.