LaPrairie Rock: Aggregate Production. Planning, Logistics and Operations Services Company

Specialists in development and exploration of aggregate resources.

LaPrairie Rock offers expertise in materials engineering including, concrete, asphaltic concrete, rail ballast, sand and various construction related materials and supply. We are your contracting, acquisition, project management, design build, end product materials supply and transportation logistics specialists.


From exploration to transportation Logistics.

We provide a full range of aggregate and resource materials production services. LaPrairie Rock is equipped to handle every phase of the materials engineering process, from initial exploration to delivery of the final end product.



LaPrairie Rock: Aggregate Production. Planning, Logistics and Operations Services Company

Aggregate Production Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate aggregate production?

In order to calculate aggregate production operations, you should use the Cobb-Douglas function. This equation is such that the aggregate production operations equal the real output per unit multiplied by the labour input multiplied by the capital input. As such, this calculation is referred to as Y = A X L^a X K^b. Understanding aggregate production can help businesses create a suitable aggregate production plan.


How the aggregate planning process works in production?

As part of effective and sustainable aggregate production, you should implement manufacturing of aggregate plans. These should cover numerous factors including the development and analysis of operations, as well as covered target sales forecasts, production levels, inventory, and any customer backlogs that might be complicating the production process. Hence, aggregate plans are important aspects of your business structuring and plans.


What is an aggregate production plan?

Aggregate production plans are important components of the manufacturing of aggregate materials, and so, they are implemented in many aggregate production operations. Therefore, aggregate production plans are crucial to ensure that the correct level of aggregate production is planned and adhered to. Subsequently, this can ensure that the firm is able to meet the supply for aggregate materials year round.

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