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HSE is not just a service, it’s a state of mind.

At LaPrairie, all employees at every level are encouraged to make their health, safety and environment a priority across the diverse job scopes and situations presented to them from day to day. From senior management to laborers, the LaPrairie Group of Companies strives to instil a safety culture in which employees are obligated to practice a safe way of performing their work and ensuring that their coworkers do the same.

OH&S online training.

    Keeping workers up-to-date on important safety initiatives with the ability to send out safety bulletins or alerts via email or text. Employees are also provided with emergency contact lists and are offered the opportunity to complete employee perception surveys.
    Our online training platform offers many employee training programs inluding Safety Awareness Training, Certificate Tracking, Orientations, SOPs and Competency Assessments.
    Management and employees are able to keep track of many different documents or certifications through our online documentation system. Some of these documents may include Policy Distribution, Safety forms and records, Deficiencies & Corrective Actions, Equipment Tracking and MSDS.
    This feature will include Audit Preparation and Review, Compliance Monitoring and KPIs.