HSE is not just a service, it’s a state of mind.

At LaPrairie, all employees at every level are encouraged to make their health, safety and environment a priority across the diverse job scopes and situations presented to them from day to day. From senior management to laborers, the LaPrairie Group of Companies strives to instil a safety culture in which employees are obligated to practice a safe way of performing their work and ensuring that their coworkers do the same.

OH&S online training.

Keeping workers up-to-date on important safety initiatives with the ability to send out safety bulletins or alerts via email or text. Employees are also provided with emergency contact lists and are offered the opportunity to complete employee perception surveys.
Our online training platform offers many employee training programs inluding Safety Awareness Training, Certificate Tracking, Orientations, SOPs and Competency Assessments.
Management and employees are able to keep track of many different documents or certifications through our online documentation system. Some of these documents may include Policy Distribution, Safety forms and records, Deficiencies & Corrective Actions, Equipment Tracking and MSDS.
This feature will include Audit Preparation and Review, Compliance Monitoring and KPIs.

Mining Health and Safety Frequently Asked Questions

What is HSE training?

HSE training is a form of training that stands for “Health, safety, and environment ” training. HSE training services to ensure that a systematic approach is taken toward workplace safety. HSE training is a pivotal part of workplace safety and ensures that all employees have access to suitable tools and training to stay safe and protected in the workplace. It also protects the environment.


What types of HSE training does a company provide for employees?

Many companies provide their employees with HSE (health, safety, and environment) training. These training sessions usually include factors such as workplace orientation, fire safety procedures and emergency advice, risk assessments, accident reporting procedures, welfare applications, safe tool use guidance, and personal protective equipment guidance. The exact training provided will largely depend on the company’s specific needs and whether any existing employers have HSE training.


What is HSE qualification?

The HSE qualification is provided to individuals who have obtained certificates in health, safety, and environment training. This qualification enables an individual to become an HSE specialist. Generally speaking, an application will need a degree in a scientific field to become HSE certified and obtain HSE qualifications. Professional HSE training can be useful for ensuring happiness and good health in a firm.


How much is HSE training?

HSE training can be highly beneficial for companies to invest in for employees, and as such, you may want to consider this investment. Indeed, HSE training can offer significant morale and safety boosts for your firm, thereby reaping the financial rewards in the longer term. HSE training sessions are commonly around $500-$600 per course, with multiple courses being required for full HSE certification.


How long does an HSE certificate last?

HSE training can be relatively expensive, but fortunately, the cost of HSE training and HSE certification can be spread out. Indeed, HSE certificates typically last for somewhere in the region of three years. Once the certificate has expired, the HSE training will need to be undertaken again to get the HSE certificate back again. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be a hugely difficult process to reapply.


What is the best HSE certification?

If you have been considering getting HSE training, it’s imperative to invest in the best HSE training and HSE certification program. High-quality HSE training helps with instilling a culture of safety and responsible working in your company. For reliable and effective training and HSE certification, the La Prairie Group of Companies provides online health and safety training solutions for employees.