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Mobile Crane Rental Services in St. Albert, Alberta

Alberta crane rentals that give you access to the most technologically advanced crane fleet in Canada.

When you need the best crane rental for your heavy lifting jobs, LaPrairie Crane has the most technologically advanced mobile cranes that get the job done. We’ve got the right cranes to expertly handle all your extra-heavy lift requirements wherever you need them in St. Albert.

In addition, we offer industry-recognized expertise in the most complex and extra-heavy lifting projects. Backed by one of the newest fleets in the industry, our engineers and operators provide “A Ton of Experience” in every lifting project.

We can handle everything from SAGD plant shutdowns to maintenance or new construction, as well as wire-line and oil field services. We expertly service and transport the heaviest mining equipment in Western Canada. With lifting capacities topping 650 tons, no job is too big for us or too remote for us to handle.

Mobile Crane Expertise for All Your Construction Needs

LaPrairie Crane specializes in mobile crane supply and operation and boasts a fleet of the best, most technologically advanced cranes available. We’ve combined construction solutions for just about every heavy-lifting need you have and deliver our services all around St. Albert, Alberta.

LaPrairie Crane provides you with Engineered Hoisting Solutions which ensure that lift calculations are on point. Our mobile cranes provide 100% accuracy on calculations so that your job gets done right, on time, and within site-specific lift capacity percentages.

LaPrairie Crane is equipped and ready to mobilize when and where you need us.

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Why Rent a Mobile Crane from Us?

Industry-Certified Experts in Action

Our team of experienced mobile crane operators are among the best in the industry, ready to deliver the right crane for your job. We cover even the most challenging terrain in Canada.

We Have a Crane for Every Lifting Need

Wondering how to get your job done on the snowy slopes of Northern Alberta in the middle of winter? Need some heavy lifting done in rough terrains or remote locations? LaPrairie Crane has your lifting needs covered, no matter where you are in Alberta.

And now, we’ve come even closer to you in St. Albert.

Safety is a Priority

Safety comes first when it comes to construction, heavy industry and oil and gas development in Canada. LaPrairie Crane is an established industry leader in engineered lift planning and execution of the most complex lifting situations. In managing your heavy lifting jobs, we ensure that every lift is pre-planned and meticulously monitored to minimize all possible risks on-site.

Our Fleet Consists of the Following Heavy-Lifting Solutions

  1. Hydraulic All-Terrain Cranes
  2. Rough Terrain Cranes
  3. Crawler Cranes
  4. Multi Crane lifts
  5. Extra-High cranes
  6. Extra-Heavy lifts and rigging

LaPrairie Crane specializes in large radius installations and additional complex rigging scenarios. We consistently update and maintain our fleet of crane and lifting technologies to the highest industry standards.

LaPrairie Alberta Crane Rentals are now available close to you in the following St. Albert locations:

  • Mission Park
  • Grandin
  • Sturgeon
  • Heritage Lakes
  • St. Albert Trail

Contact one of our crane rental branches to find out how we can meet your needs.