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Crane Rentals in Penticton, BC, Canada.

The LaPrairie Group of companies has been in existence for the past three decades, providing solutions to crane rental challenges within Penticton, and across other major cities in Canada.

Since our inception in British Columbia, we have been the first choice among residents and companies within and outside the area due to the unparalleled crane-related services on offer.

Our brand is famous for managing a variety of projects, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly-skilled workforce. Our dedicated team has been carefully selected, some of the best around the globe, every project is executed with due diligence and at the highest level of professionalism.

The LaPrairie fleet comprising cranes, heavy-duty equipment, and trucks are readily deployed to help carry out our partners’ necessary projects. Do you need help hauling heavy materials, carrying out road safety projects, mining and trucking aggregates, or delivery of quality frac sand products within Penticton? LaPrairie has you covered in these areas and more.

Crane Services BC, Canada

The LaPrairie Fleet

We have stayed at the top and maintained our position as the first choice in crane rentals within cities such as Penticton for a variety of reasons. One of which is the fleet of cranes, heavy-duty machinery, and trucks available at our disposal.

We strive to measure up to industry standards and also set the pace for other companies to follow. Our partners deserve the most innovative brains on-site, as well as a highly-skilled workforce, so it is imperative that we ensure the deployment of the best equipment in the industry to help execute each project.

Here is a list of some state-of-the-art equipment deployed when crane-related services are required from the LaPrairie Group of Companies.

  • The 160,000lb Compressor Unit
  • The 476,000lb Evaporator Tower Lift
  • The 2.2km Pipe Pull
  • HS 8100 – BC Hydro 2019
  • LTM 1400 – CNRL Flare Tip Replacement
  • Mosaic Mine Loadout Expansion Lift – Manitowoc 16000

These are a few worthy mentions for your lifting needs, we also have a large number of trucks capable of lifting extra-heavy materials.

Neighbourhoods within Penticton where our partners can enjoy LaPrairie crane rental services

Here are just a few among several neighbourhoods within Penticton, British Columbia, where our partners can get the best crane rentals.

  • Apex Mountain
  • Carmi
  • Columbia / Duncan
  • Main North
  • Main South
  • Uplands / Redlands

Our services are not restricted to just the listed locations, every vicinity within Penticton not mentioned above is also within our reach.

How can one get in touch with LaPrairie for crane rental services in Penticton?

We provide our partners with different channels by which they can get in touch, some of which includes;

Email: For general inquiries, please reach out to LaPrairie via email; for a quick response.

You can also request a quote for all crane rentals and related services in Penticton, Bc, and other provinces in Canada.

For questions concerning our different subsidiaries such as LaPrairie Crane, Rock, Oilfield, Silica, Haul, and Works, we have a dedicated team waiting to give answers to all your questions.