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Rent Crane Services in Nanaimo With LaPrairie Crane Company

LaPrairie Crane Company is always ready to take on lifting challenges with advanced cranes and experienced staff. We have multiple branches in Western Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, and Northwest Territories. LaPrairie crane is an independently owned and operated company that offers services even in the most remote locations. We will promptly deliver the best crane services in Nanaimo.

We are the largest crane rental company in Canada, with multiple branches. So you can rely on our services to do all the heavy lifting.

Crane Service We Provide at Nanaimo

Our crane services are a blend of efficient manpower and technologically advanced machinery. We can handle several projects, including heavy and extra heavy lifting ones. Our team is trained to work around rough terrains and hostile grounds with custom solutions. We offer All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, and Crawler Cranes, depending upon the location requirements.

Our experienced professionals also focus on safe services when it comes to heavy lifting. We have experience in handling SAGD plant shutdowns, wireline, oil field, and new construction. Apart from this, we also transport massive mining equipment across Canada.

Crane Services BC, Canada

Our Crane Rental Services Have Everything For Your Needs

We understand the different terrains and requirements of a specific job. Our services are custom for each user as we have everything that you may need.

  • Massive Fleet of Cranes

That is why we have an exclusive fleet of cranes. Besides, we have hydraulic crawler cranes, which are first in the British Columbia and Alberta regions. We offer a fleet lifting capacity of up to 650 tons with the help of our heavy-duty cranes.

  • Services in Remote Locations

Our experienced engineers are always up for challenges, even when they are in remote locations in the Nanaimo region. You can rely on us for delivering cranes at the most rugged terrain in British Columbia.

  • Experienced Professional Engineers

We have lifting specialists who have an engineering background. They have years of experience, including working in high-pressure situations and handling heavy-duty lift operations. Apart from this, they are proficient in lift studies and safety protocols.

What to Expect From Our Professionals?

Being the most reliable crane rental company in Canada, you will get the best solutions for your rigging and lifting needs. Moreover, our goal is to provide quality services along with safe operations. Therefore, we focus on proper planning to execute complex tasks.

We offer crane, rigging, and crane operator rental services to suffice your lifting requirements in multiple locations. In addition, our services cover rural areas to provide professional solutions so that you don’t have to compromise on safety and reliability.

Contact us for technologically advanced rental cranes for your next construction or business projects. We will guide you with more details and provide a quote from a professional.