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Crane Rentals in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

LaPrairie Crane grants you access to the most reliable and technologically prevalent crane rentals in Kelowna, BC.

When the time comes to take care of heavy lifting, the only name in Kelowna, BC that you can have faith in is LaPrairie Crane. We offer the most optimally engineered lifting solutions possible in the BC area, including the likes of Vancouver, Fort St. John, Tumbler Ridge, Dawson Creek, and particularly Kelowna, BC.

Obtain the best cranes for any kind of terrain

We have crane fleets that can cater to your needs regardless of the terrain. Whether you’re interested in renting Crawler Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, or All-Terrain Cranes, LaPrairie Crane will have the most optimal options available ready to go. Not only that, but we can easily supply you with certified crane operators as well!

We’ve handled just about everything you can relate to needing a crane in the past. SAGD plant shutdowns, new constructions, wireline/oil field services, or even just simple maintenance are nothing new to us. Some of your longest and potentially heaviest lifts will never be at risk when you use LaPrairie Crane and our certified crane operators.

LaPrairie Crane is ready whenever you are

We’re more than willing to cater to new clients, regardless of how large your crane rental needs may seem. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!

Crane Services BC, Canada

Certified Crane Rental Experts

We’ve been specializing in mobile crane rentals for quite some time, allowing us to perfect our services. We provide only the most reliable and sought-after crane options available right now, and we do so at an affordable rate.

Industry-Standard Crane Rentals in Kelowna, BC

We’ve been through it all as a crane rental service, and it’s allowed us to optimize our services over time. We’re ready and always willing to source the best crane rentals for your project, regardless of how challenging the terrain may seem.

Professionally Sourced Hoisting Solutions

Whether you require an LTM 1400 All-Terrain Crane to navigate through the snowy slopes of Northern British Columbia or require your crane rentals to be delivered to a remote location, LaPrairie Crane is going to get the job done with haste. We’re the most reliable service in British Columbia for all of your professional sourced hoisting solutions!

Safety is Always a Priority!

Safety is always first when you choose to work with LaPrairie, which means you can approach your heavy industry projects with peace of mind. Oil and gas development projects can be tackled with a sense of pride, as LaPrairie Crane is the #1 provider of engineered lift planning and execution services within British Columbia.

The most reliable cranes, from the most reliable company in Kelowna, BC

We have any type of crane you could consider needing and can tackle any project you have in mind. Whether it’s multi-crane lifts, extra high cranes, extra heavy lifts/rigging, or even large radius installations, LaPrairie can assist you with ease. Complex rigging requirements are what we do best! Our massive fleet of industry-standard cranes and professionally certified crane operators is all you need to get the job done properly.

Interested in obtaining crane rentals in Kelowna, BC? Contact us today and let’s get started!