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Rent Crane Services in Kamloops With LaPrairie Crane Company

Our LaPrairie Crane Rental Company knows how to handle significant lifting challenges. We take immense pride in being an independently owned and operated crane rental company in British Columbia. Besides, we have several branches across all regions of Canada, making us the largest crane rental company. We will provide the best crane services at Kamloops and in the neighbouring areas hassle-free.

Crane Service We Provide at Kamloops

We believe in or trained professionals and reliable cranes to be efficient at lifting works. Our team is skilled in handling heavy lifting and extra heavy lifting projects. Moreover, our services include all rough and rugged terrains. Our engineers know how to work on hostile grounds.

You can choose from the fleet of All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, and Crawler Cranes to overcome it. Our fleet of cranes includes the heavy-duty hydraulic crawler crane, which is a first in the British Columbia and Alberta region. In addition, we offer massive 650 tons lifting capacity cranes for large projects.

Apart from this, our professionals focus on safe operations in challenging regions. Our team has worked on wireline, oil field services, new constructions, and SAGD plant shutdowns in the past. Therefore, we have all the technical knowledge and field experience.

Crane Services BC, Canada

Our Crane Rental Services Have Everything For Your Needs

We offer everything from technology-powered machinery to professional engineers. Our services combine an efficient workforce and powerful cranes.

  • Experienced Engineered

We have a team of trained lifting specialist engineers who have years of experience. They know how to handle heavy lifts and complex projects. Besides, they have an impeccable safety record and knowledge about lift studies.

  • Get Experts in Remote Locations

We offer crane rentals for remote locations across the most rugged terrain in British Columbia. This ensures quality services anywhere for your lifting projects.

What to Expect From Our Professionals?

We provide top-notch crane rental services with technologically advanced types of machinery. Besides, our experienced engineers focus on project planning to make sure massive lifting works follow safety protocols. Our team members have years of on-field experience working on complex projects and rugged terrains. This makes us the most credible crane rental company in Canada.

We understand the needs of each project; hence, we offer custom rigging and lifting solutions. You can expect on-time deliveries of crane, rigging, and crane operator services at your desired location. Our engineers will make sure to provide services even for the most massive lifting projects successfully.

We have unparalleled work ethics and company values. You can contact the LaPrairie crane rentals for rural and remote locations in Kamloops. We also offer services in Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary, Grimshaw, and other towns. Call the nearest branch to learn more and enquire about a quote with a professional engineer.