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Crane Rentals in Campbell River, BC, Canada.

Rent Crane Services in Campbell River With LaPrairie Crane Company

Our LaPrairie Crane Rental Company not only delivers the best crane rental service in British Columbia, but we have branches all across Canada. We’re proud to be independently owned and operated – so you can rest assured that your business is our priority! LaPrairie crane offers services even in the most remote locations. We will promptly deliver the best crane services in the Campbell River region.

We are the largest crane rental company in Canada with multiple branches, experienced crane operators and service technicians. So you can rely on our services to do all the heavy lifting for your construction project.

Crane Services BC, Canada

Our Crane Rental Services Have Everything For Your Needs

LaPrairie offers everything from high-tech machinery to professional engineering services. Our workforce and cranes are also super-efficient so that you can expect a quick turnaround on your project!

  • Large Fleet of Cranes

If your business needs the help of hydraulic crawler cranes, and we have a fleet that will help you get through large projects. Our hydraulic cranes are the first-ever in British Columbia and Alberta. Besides, our heavy-duty crane options with capacities of up to 650 tons.

  • Services in Remote Locations

We’re not afraid of a challenge, especially in remote locations in the Campbell River region. You can rely on us for delivering cranes at the most rugged terrain in British Columbia!

  • Experienced Professional Engineers

Our engineers are experienced professionals with years of on-field lifting operations. Apart from this, they’re proficient in safety protocols and have worked in high-pressure situations.

Crane Service We Provide at Campbell River

LaPrairie Company can handle any job, no matter how tough. We have specially trained personnel to work in all locations and on rugged terrain with custom solutions for your needs. Whether you need all-terrain cranes or rough terrain cranes, or crawler cranes, we will provide them with all as per your needs.

When it comes to safe services such as SAGD plant shutdowns or even handling wirelines in your oil field, our experienced professionals are here with their expertise. We can also help transport any of those big pieces of mining machinery from one place to another: all over Canada!

What to Expect From Our Professionals?

We offer affordable crane, rigging, and operator rental services to get the job done right. We have a team of experts to take care of your project from start to finish by providing you with nothing but quality service along the way.

Besides, we offer safe operations and reliable solutions to support all your needs when it comes to lifting heavy objects in rural areas or urban locations alike.

We have the right crane you need for your next job. Call us today to learn more and get a quote from one of our experts!

LaPrairie Crane is glad to offer crane services for all neighbourhoods below and surrounding areas,

  • Fort St John
  • Tumbler Ridge
  • Fort Nelson
  • Prince George
  • Northern BC