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PJRCC Terms of Reference

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Canadian  Silica  Industries  (CSI)  has  been  operating  in  the  Peace  River  area  for  over  ten  years  and  recognizes  the importance  of  improving  community  communication and developing enhanced relationships.

The joint Local Communication Committee (LCC) will serve as a forum for discussing and  mitigating resident issues, and a mechanism for enhancing community knowledge regarding CSI plans and  operations.

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Welcome To PRJCC


The joint local communication committee serves as a forum for discussing issues of concerns, operating plans and updates to the neighbours and local residents within the area of the Peace River Mining operations. Its purpose is to facilitate communication, share information and work to mitigate any concerns or effects of the operation with the local community members on a continuing basis.

The committee is chaired by Canadian Silica and it is made up of 6 nominated representatives from the local community and 3 members from Canadian Silica. There are open seats maintained at all meetings for 1 council member to attend from Northern Sunrise County as well as 2 representatives from CSI’s first nation partner communities, Woodland Cree and Duncan first nation. The committee will meet once per quarter.