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Capstan Hauling

Operated by LaPrairie Group of Companies

Oilfield Trucking and Hauling

Founded in 2002, Capstan Hauling is a locally owned and operated oilfield trucking company based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Offering service to Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia, Capstan Hauling has a wide selection of equipment to meet needs of the oil and gas industry. With pickers, bed trucks, winch tractors, cranes, and pilot trucks, Capstan Hauling is ready to transport anything.


  • 35 -50 Ton Tridem Pickers
  • Tandem / Tri-Drive / Planetary Tractors
  • 135 ton Crane
  • 165 ton Crane
  • Pilot Trucks
  • Tri- Hi / Low Trailers
  • Double Drop Trombone Trailer

Grande Prairie Office:    (780)-402-3110