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Pit Run

CSI produces a full range of aggregate products for erosion control, road construction and general purpose use.

Pit Run Gravel

Pits are dug into the ground to extract aggregate. As the pit is dug into the ground, aggregates are also extracted. Pit Run Gravel is created by extracting aggregate from an excavation site and screening them to remove large rocks. Smaller rocks and fines are deposited in the pit run gravel pile, where they sit to further settle.

Pit Run Gravel is commonly used for driveways, parking lots, and roads. It must be leveled by machine to prevent potential holes.

We supply Pit Run Gravel in a variety of grades:


2″ Minus 50mm
3″ Minus 75mm
1 1/2″ 40mm Screen Round
3 1/2″ 90mm Screen Road