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Crushed Aggregates

CSI produces a full range of aggregate products for erosion control, road construction and general purpose use. Our aggregates products include:

Crusher Chip

Crusher chip is a crushed aggregate, also known as rock aggregate, produced by crushing larger stones in an impact crusher. This type of crushed aggregate has a finer texture than that produced by other types of crushers.

The stone aggregate is first broken up in a hammer mill or quarry crusher. Next, the stones are reduced to smaller pieces, usually less than 5 cm / 2 inches, with an impact crusher. This process produces a finer product called crusher chip.

Finally, after passing through a magnet for removing any metal residue, the crushed stone is passed over a vibrating screen to separate out different sizes.

This process is repeated with each successive breaker until reaching near sand size particles, which are known as sand coarse aggregate. The very finest product of this type would be equivalent to fine sand and would be used as a filtration medium or as a concrete additive to reduce the use of water.

The applications for crusher chip will depend on the particle size, but it is commonly used for filtration mediums, road building, landscaping, soil and backfill. It can be mixed with other compounds to create mortar, plaster and concrete.


1/4″ 5mm Crusher Chip

Road Crush

The process used for producing road crush is similar to that employed in the production stone aggregate, but has an additional step for eliminating impurities from the crushed stone product.

Road crush consists of small-sized stones, usually less than 15 cm / 6 inches in size. It is an extremely versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes, including road building and asphalt production. Road crush also has many uses in the construction industry, especially in the manufacture of concrete.

First produced by using a ballast regulator to control how fast the stones are dropped into the impact crusher, the ‘crushability’ of the stones can vary considerably. The most useful product is that which falls under the hammer mill screen (also known as undersize), with larger particles passing through to become coarse aggregate and smaller fragments passing through to form an even finer type of crushed stone called crusher chip.

Road crush consists of several types of crushed stone, which are separated by the method of fracturing the stones into smaller pieces. The following list describes each type of road crush produced at our facilities:


1/2″ 5mm Road Crush
3/4″ 20mm Road Crush
1″ 25mm Road Crush
1 1/2″ 40mm Road Crush
2″ 50mm Road Crush