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We Supply Quality, Spec Silica Sand

CSI operates a state of the art sand processing facility that enables manufacturing and refinement of silica sands to the highest industry standards. All products are greater than 98% pure Si02.

Silica sand is a natural compound of silicon dioxide. It can be found in various sizes and grades. Some applications of silica sand include: glass making; filtration; water treatment; medical formulations; concrete and masonry products; filler and extender in paints, coatings and plastics; filler in rubber and other polymers.

We are an manufacturer of silica sand at various grades, shapes and sizes. We supply quality silica sand that comply with API standards.

Stim Lab reports on APR RP56 standards are available upon request.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art and are equipped to handle the fast-paced projects of our clients. We are capable of delivering high volumes of silica sand quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us for a quote.

Other Uses

  • Water filtration
  • Golf course bunkers, greens and top dressing
  • Equine indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Blasting sands
  • Traction sand for railways