Silica Sand

CSI operates a state of the art sand processing facility that enables manufacturing and refinement of silica sands to the highest industry standards. All products are greater than 98% pure Si02.

Frac Sand Gradations

  • 12/20
  • 16/30
  • 20/40
  • 30/50
  • 40/70
  • 50/140 (100 mesh)

Both products comply with API standards. Stim Lab reports on APR RP56 standards are available upon request.

Other Uses

  • Water filtration
  • Golf course bunkers, greens and top dressing
  • Equine indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Blasting sands
  • Traction sand for railways

Silica Sand Proppants Frequently Asked Questions

What is proppant and what is the use of it?

What is proppant sand? Proppant, sometimes referred to as “frac sand” is a solid material that is used to ensure that hydraulic fractures are able to open during fracking practices. It typically has a bulk density of 100 mesh sand and is provided by dedicated frac sand companies. These proppants are typically made from sand grains or other ceramic materials. Subsequently, these are mixed with specialist fracturing fluid base liquids.


Is silica the same as sand?

Sand is a naturally produced material that is created from rocks that have been ground and worn away into a grain or powder. The type of sand is dependent on how coarse the individual grains of sand are. The most common type of sand is made from silica and is present in the form of quartz; as such, it’s fair to say that most sand is the same as silica, but finely ground. 


What is silica good for?

Silica is used in a huge number of different applications. Surprisingly, silica has applications in many industries including in drug and medicine creation and as a food supplement. Moreover, Silica sand Canada is also widely used in frac sand, including in hydraulic fracturing proppants. Silica can also be used for golf course sand and many other applications. It is most commonly found in the form of silicon dioxide (quartz) and is commonly derived from the earth’s crust.


Where is silica found?

Silica is found in the Earth’s crust, which is its most abundant source. Silica is derived from many different materials including rocks, sand, clay, and some soils. When combined with oxygen and other minerals, it is present in the form of silicon dioxide; meanwhile, it can also be found as silicates in some instances. Silica is used in many different applications and so, silica sand manufacturers mine it from the earth for use as proppants and for other 


What is the role of proppants in fracking?

Have you ever asked, how is sand used in fracking? Hydraulic fracturing proppant is made from specialist frac sand Canada and is commonly made from sand such as silicon dioxide, as produced by silica sand manufacturers. Frac sand is mined by frac sand companies. Proppant is used to maintain conductive fractures during the fracking processes, which allows the locked away petroleum to rise to ground level.